Caring for the CareGivers

Welcome! Let me make sure you are in the right place. Your church or organization realizes you have tired, weary, often frustrated, people living in your area who are commonly considered Care Givers (CareGivers). They may have a sick child, a disabled child, a "forever" child (such as one with Down syndrome), or maybe they are responsible for an elderly parent or grandparent or other family member with physical challenges or even some form of dementia - either living in their home or not, or maybe they are guardians for someone with some sort of mental illness.

So far, so good?

Let's continue then. Not only do you realize these often isolated heroes, these CareGivers, need some loving and care giving themselves, but also that many of them need a relationship with Christ (being a hero is NOT synonymous with being a Christian! - they are truly an unreached people).

If so, you are still in the right place!

I will help you love on these people and help you minister to them, but only if you want me to do so.

Something must be tugging at your heart or you won’t even be reading this right now! That “something” is not a “something” but a “Someone” -  God, softly whispering, “Yes, Pastor, you can do something and I AM actually calling you to do something!”

My pastor held a leadership meeting one Sunday after church not too long ago. Here’s a few things I wrote down as Pastor Aaron Boyd spoke:

  1. Ministry is people. If all you’re worried about is yourself, you are not doing ministry.

  2. Our goal is investing in people. It was modeled by Jesus, Himself.

  3. It’s all about recognition, appreciation, communication.

  4. Serve - maintain a heart of service. After all, Jesus came to serve.”Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.” Matthew 20:28.

Your church is not about a building or campus. It’s all about a relationship with God and helping others have that relationship as well, including those CareGivers.

And then there is number 5: Live Invested!

Then, and only then, continue.

Linda L Culbreth

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